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The traditional meetings typically involve a long list of agenda to begin with mostly recorded in a spreadsheet. Ones the meeting is over this agenda is separately followed up and revisited by team leader and respective stakeholders till the next meeting while the medium of actual work exists somewhere else.


The crucial thing here is how your tool you use to work can blend with your meeting agenda. If your work application cannot sync with your meeting agenda then you will always have to juggle between your agenda and application demanding you to invest lot of time to keep on top of your priority. This will ultimately make you lose sight of your goals leading to risk of getting trapped into a vicious circle of non productivity. Your meeting progress either won’t go anywhere or move at a very slow pace.


On the other side if you have tool that allows you to have agenda merged in your application then it can serve as the centralized place for the stakeholders to monitor and follow it up to it’s proper execution keeping the all important timelines.


WorkMarshal has multiple options where you can park your agenda depending on the nature and type of agenda items. Once the agenda is categorized into right bucket it becomes truly easy to remain on top of your agenda.


2 minutes from all stakeholders on the common placeholder in WorkMarshal for your agenda can bring everyone on the same page and make the management feel in absolute control of every meeting.

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