How to reduce your dependency on spreadsheet and emails

When you work in small organization you tend to heavily depend on email and spreadsheet to manage day to day work ranging from small to large projects. Work allocation and communication generally starts and ends on email. In the meantime many different files are worked upon and shared on email or stored locally.


This practice looks effective from the outset as the team size is small. Also there is no major rush to assess any loopholes in the process unless there are too many escalations floating around.


But as is the case with most growing businesses as the time passes there is steady rise in the number of escalations hinting towards the urgent requirement for process improvement and workflow automation.


If these signals are ignored and the workforce is allowed to use the existing tools to manage work it is only going to cause further resistance to change later on. The trick is to identify the right tool to manage workflow in advance depending on future plans irrespective of how small you might be right now.


While there are many tools out there in the market catering to specific needs, you will need something that can come in handy for most of your needs. You cannot afford to have too many tools to get over your mails and spreadsheet woos. You also cannot risk eliminating these tools as they are important for some of your outbound communications.


What you need is something that completes your organization’s workflow in a meaningful manner giving all team mates an edge while they remain under control all the time. WorkMarshal with its simple yet powerful interface and feature allows you to streamline and organize all kinds of workflow for all sizes of teams.

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