5 Tips to Make Remote Work More Effective During Coronavirus Outbreak

Coronavirus (COVID-19) has infected more than 20,64,000 people across the world as of 16th Apr. It has been long declared as an “international pandemic” by the World Health Organization. Many scientists and health experts believe that the worst is yet to come. This sudden thunderbolt of a pandemic proportion has forced a lockdown in almost all countries. The unfortunate situation has raised many questions about how companies and individuals especially from service industries plan to continue with their work assignments.

As the panic and fear among workforce intensifies, public travelling and close contacts looks a distant possibility. Hence, businesses are now seeking solutions to manage their increasingly remote workforce. Amidst the lockdown which seems to be the only sensible solution to the problem of rapid spread of coronavirus, many big sporting events such as Olympics and Wimbledon have already been cancelled. All non essential work has been suspended temporarily and many businesses are asking their employees to work from home.  

Staying at home and working from home if possible seems to be the only option left and hence many corporate giants such as Apple, Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Twitter have requested employees to work from home. Some companies such as Facebook have also announced a bonus to it’s employees for additional assistance like setting up home office. While it’s not feasible for every profession and industry to operate remotely, wherever possible online work management applications can be effective and flexible solution to the problem.

At the moment social distancing seems to be the only immediate measure we can take to curb the impact of corona virus. However, thanks to recent development in technology working remotely is no more an alien subject for the modern staff. Many organizations in recent times have encouraged employees to work from home as an indirect cost saving measure. While the result of recent research around productivity and remote working have been encouraging, business teams still need the right tools in place to get optimum results around productivity, efficiency and transparency metrics. 

Tips on how you can make your remote work more effective

Here are some tips to make remote work transformation smooth and flexible for your workforce while maintaining the high level of work efficiency.

1. Maintain  discipline 

As we know that physical meetings are going to be unrealistic or even It can be tempting to procrastinate work and get into a laid back mode. This is quite natural as it’s your place of rest. However, this can lead to some problems which will eventually pile up assignments for the later part of the day and add more pressure to your overall schedule. Hence stick to your discipline and finish as much as you can in first half while you are fresh and energetic. 

2. Don’t skip your breaks 

As it often happens in office, we get lost in some urgent and pressing work resulting in skipped lunches and coffee breaks. Breaks are equally important to rejuvenate and maintain the energy flow. Hence, do take time at regular intervals to divert your mind from mundane. Refresh and come back again. Balance is the key.

3. Organize your workplace

When we are working from home, we tend to treat our whole house as office. Every part in the house becomes your place of work. Hence it’s tempting to slouch in your sofa with a cup of coffee. But this will eventually ruin the momentum. And this is precisely the reason why remote work can be more challenging for some of us. Hence, it is important to create a nice corner in your home that you can treat as your place of dedication. Have a proper desk. Keep all work related stuff handy and organized. Try to use a fix place for work and soon you will find the higher levels of concentration and momentum coming back to you.  

4. Choose appropriate work management app

When we are making a transition to remote work, we have to make sure that it is smooth and flexible. A right work management tool which effectively handles ongoing projects, tasks and files that suits your requirement is not a simple job. There are variety of options available and one size fits all approach while opting for software could be costly. Hence, before you start using any tool, app, or software, conduct an in-depth research and make sure the tool not only takes lot of attention but also helps you achieve desired levels of productivity and visibility into real time work status. 


Communication is the most important aspect of work management. And the same becomes more crucial when you are working remotely. It is important that your entire team is on same page all the time. Hence, regular online meetings and timely updates are key to smooth and successful execution of assignments. In addition to online work management tools such as WorkMarshal which can help you streamline your processes at a centralized digital hub, you can also use applications such as SlackSkype and GotoMeeting for timely online communication   

WorkMarshal as a possible solution for teams working remotely

The biggest challenge while managing teams remotely is maintaining the same standards of productivity, transparency and accountability as in office. Hence selecting the right software solution is very important. 

Online productivity tools like WorkMarshal could be an effective and practical solution if you are looking for simple, effective and affordable online work management platform for remote work. If you are in position where you can inspire partial or entire workforce to continue the business from home during coronavirus outbreak, a comprehensive and customizable work management tool such as WorkMarshal could be a good option.

Try WorkMarshal For Free

WorkMarshal is the only work management software that comes equipped with specialized project management features along with host of other evolved features which is basic requirement for any growing organization.   

With WorkMarshal, enterprises and organizations have a single, centralized application that makes project management, task management, scheduling, ticket management, intranet, and file sharing among others quick, simple, and precise even while working remotely. It eliminates the need for multiple tools, which means users don’t have to jump from one software to another to get things done. WorkMarshal lets users do all the things they need within a single, user-friendly environment no matter where you are working from.

Try our free trial and see how your team can work from anywhere and still remain on top of their productivity.

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