8 Reasons To Implement Online Project Management Tool Now

Online Project Management software have long been promoted as necessary requirement for all organizations in order to bring about better work efficiency and operational excellence standards around processes and workflows. Project Managers are under exceptional pressure to complete projects and achieve desired goals on time and on budget. Project Managers need to possess incredible organizational skills, analytical mind, proactive approach and outstanding interpersonal abilities to keep everyone on the same page throughout the project life cycle. When you are heavily dependent on multiple traditional channels such as emails and spreadsheet and endless meetings to achieve your project related goals it generally gets very messy and chaotic over a period of time especially when there are too many tasks to handle and several stakeholders are involved in the project.

Hence, it’s easier when you have single source of truth from where you can monitor and take the project to its logical conclusion. Considering these challenges having an appropriate project management tool to handle your critical project is a must in today’s highly competitive world.

Add to this, the recent outbreak of corona virus which has literally snowballed into a crisis for humanity as a whole. Corporates are forced to shut down offices and employees are asked to work from home if possible. While remote working has been on rise as a trend in last few years, it was always looked upon as a substitute for a temporary problem or as a measure of business continuity in a crisis situation. Since, we don’t really know how long this lock down situation is going to persist, it won’t be wrong to assume that remote working is here to stay for a while. This situation is further going to highlight the necessity of an online project management tool. Hence, it is the right and appropriate time for organizations to invest in such tools.

Many organizations who have not considered online work management application as necessary tool to maintain high productivity and transparency levels during uncertain times will now have to go through a trial by fire during this unprecedented public health crisis and adopt remote and online working as necessary option in order to maintain high levels of work efficiency. 

There is no better time than now to look for a suitable online project management tool

To put things into perspective and elaborate further, here is the list of 8 reasons why this is the right time to start evaluating suitable online Project Management software for your team:

1. Cloud Computing

Cloud based online solutions have been popular among business community for quite a while now for it’s flexibility and many other advantages. Most important aspect of online project management solution is that it is accessible from anywhere and anytime which makes it valuable proposition especially during remote working. In addition, it’s easy to scale and pay as you go option gives pricing comfort compared to license purchase approach which has always been a very costly affair. 

2. One source of truth

Often teams have to juggle between multiple tools on daily basis in order to give shape to their final objective and goal at work. This could include mail for communication, spreadsheets for MIS purpose or file storage for managing your work related files. Project Management Software helps you by creating a centralized digital hub where you can manage you projects more effectively. Thus saving lot of time which is otherwise spent on unproductive activities. 

3. Effective Collaboration

Communication is an important aspect that determines the success of your project. While too much communication can lead to confusion (and also a waste of precious time) amongst stake holders, too less of it can lead to serious communication gap which can be fatal to ultimate objective of the project. Effective project manager if provided with equally effective project management tool can bring about this optimum balance in cross functional communication and keep all stakeholders on the same page throughout the execution process of project. Thus ensuring successful project completion. 

4. Detailed Planning

Planning is the backbone of any successful project. Project Management tool makes it easy for you to visualize the steps in your project from start to end. It allows you to break your complex project into manageable tasks. Setting deadlines and fixing responsibility by assigning tasks to correct individual takes the visibility to the next level which in turn leads to effective monitoring on the progress of the project.  Everybody is aware of their tasks and deadlines. There is no extra effort spend on understanding who is doing what or what is the status of work in real time. Project managers are also empowered to make proactive intervention in order to avoid unnecessary bottle necks and delays.

5. Budget Tracking

Budget is the ultimate parameter for gauging the success of any project. All project managers along with multiple other factors mentioned here, have to keep a keen eye on project budget and make sure that it never spills out of control pushing the entire project into red zone. Project Management tool makes it easier for the project owners to fix the budget for any project by aligning resources and project scope in correct order. In second stage the expenses can be tracked to make sure everything is as per plan. 

6. Shared Document and Calendar

Project management tools allows you to store all project related files in an organized and streamlined manner. Hence, you can quickly access crucial files for future references. In addition, you can also see calendars for other team members for effective resource allocation resulting in fair distribution of work which is key to successful project management.

7. Time Management

We all get 24 hours in a day, but what we make of it is up to each individual. Just as time management plays crucial role in individual success, it does so for successful projects as well. Excellent time management in project management requires planning, scheduling, monitoring, executing and controlling all project activities. Project Management tool allows you to fix realistic deadlines for all project activities depending on your resource availability and project scope. This in turn makes it easy for project managers to monitor the progress and complete the project on time.

8. Operational Excellence

Work efficiency and operational excellence is the ultimate aim of any project management solution. When project managers and the team collectively follow the best practices in work management area and when the same is spurred with the use of right software, you can repeat the success consistently in almost all the projects you are handling or part of. The team that strives to replicate its success ultimately reaches the desired levels of productivity, transparency and work efficiency. And an effective online project management software is a vey crucial aid in this long journey.

How WorkMarshal can help

WorkMarshal is a robust, feature-rich Project Management & Operational Excellence Software developed to provide businesses with tools and capabilities required to effectively manage internal workflows and processes from a single, unified platform.

WorkMarshal’s unique approach to project management allows project managers to plan projects better and handle the entire project life cycle more effectively. 

Try WorkMarshal for free and see visible improvements in productivity, transparency and work efficiency at project as well as organisational level.

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