Are You Dumping Everything in Your Project Management Software?

In today’s diverse world we have to juggle between multiple roles at the office. The nature of work has changed with time. There is tremendous coordination going on between the teams. All of this eventually results in too many ad hoc requests of different nature coming your way.

This makes it important for you to have proper tools in place to park different requests accurately so that your team can prioritize and action the most important issues first.

While it’s all easy to say, it takes a meticulous approach to categorize your work in the right bucket to avoid future fallout and delay in critical service level agreements. Dumping every request in project management software will not be an effective way for organizations involved with diverse nature of work assignments.

Hence, you need to have tools that will allow you to segregate your request accurately. Just having a project management software with limited scope unfortunately is not enough. Your work may require an effective recurring task management system. Internal ticket management could be integral source of your business success. Communicating with your staff at broader level and having an employee engagement tool is basic requirement of any modern organization of today.

Purchasing these tools separately will not make any business sense as it might increase the efficiency in long run but the additional cost will wipe the price benefit you may have in mind.

This is where a tool like WorkMarshal comes to your rescue. WorkMarshal is the only work management software that comes equipped with specialized project management features along with host of other evolved features which is basic requirement for any growing organization.  

With WorkMarshal, enterprises and organizations have a single, centralized application that makes project management, task management, scheduling, ticket management, intranet, and file sharing among others quick, simple, and precise. It eliminates the need for multiple tools, which means users don’t have to jump from one software to another to get things done. WorkMarshal lets users do all the things they need within a single, user-friendly environment.

WorkMarshal helps you manage your resources, personnel, and time through effective allocation of resources and personnel, automation of processes and tasks, and fully maximizing all your efficiencies. With your resources and time managed so well, your organization saves money and time that you can use elsewhere.

About: Deepak Shirdhankar

Product Manager, WorkMarshal

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