Role of Project Management Tool in Successful Business Continuity Plan

No business can predict natural disasters such as hurricanes or wild fires. No company like to loose precious business hours due to power outages or a temporary disruption due to heavy rains which is a common phenomenon in the city I come from. But these are unfortunate realities that every business has to stand against time and again. Sometimes these interruptions can be devastating and the businesses may find it difficult to sustain without a proper Business Continuity plan

You cannot always shutdown business until everything is back to normal. But unfortunately, the ongoing unprecedented covid-19 pandemic has literally left no choice for some of the businesses to shut down as of now and there is a dark cloud of uncertainty around when these businesses can open again to its full capacity. On the other hand, there are many businesses which has allowed latest technologies to permeate around their operations can still continue to function and come out stronger when things get back to normal. Along with strong technical infrastructure, you will also need a strong business continuity plan to make use of the latest technology available to sail smoothly during this tough period. 

Importance of Business Continuity Plan

When businesses face an imminent slowdown caused due to various dynamics, the ability to bounce back from these setbacks will also depend on various factors. In case of business disruption such as Corona Virus pandemic, one of the major factor that will have big impact on the sustenance of business will be a strong Business continuity plan. In addition to having strong technical infrastructure and world class tools at your perusal to ride this tide, a strong business continuity plan can go a long way in helping you achieve the desired results.

Business Continuity plan can be broken in two stages.

Disaster Recovery

Disaster recovery plan will involve getting the infrastructure back up and running and making data accessible following a disaster.

Business Continuity

Business continuity will in turn involve quite a few steps as below.

  1. Define strategy plan to implement the objectives

  2. Implement technologies and train key personnel on adoption of new technologies 

  3. Rigorous testing of the documented plan

  4. Validate test results with desired output

  5. Repeat the entire process until you achieve comprehensive solution

In addition to above steps, the success of Business continuity will depend greatly on getting the collaboration and operations channels of your business back on track. Making sure that remote working staff has access to important tools to collaborate on their projectstasks and work related file assets. This is where a Project management tool that suits your organization comes into picture.

Role of Project Management in Success of Business Continuity Plan

Good project management software is at the forefront of any business continuity plan as it helps in initiating, planning, executing, reviewing and controlling the overall plan. It helps in accurate allocation of responsibilities and work to the team to complete tasks to meet specific success criteria. Below are some of the advantages of having a good project management tool by your side while executing that perfect business continuity plan.

Better monitoring of progress

The appropriate project management tool makes it easy for the team to monitor the progress of the plan by allowing them to take proactive measures if required to avoid the bottlenecks which can eventually lead to partial or complete failure of the plan. 

Streamlining the Business Continuity plan

A well thought out Business continuity plan is the first step towards ensuring the business operations and process continuity. A specialized tool can help break this complex plan into manageable milestones. Well defined objectives can bring a collective visibility to the progress of the plan.

Consolidated Access

It also makes the critical information accessible to key personnel which gives insights into strengths and weaknesses of the plan. A powerful centralised work management tool can make the job easier by making all the important pieces of information accessible at the same location.

Integrated interface

Good project management tool will also allow you to access key tools at centralized location making it convenient and time saving for the team to focus on real issue at hand which is protecting the business and getting operations back on track. 

Notification alert system

A good project management tool must have the facility where you can send appropriate message to targeted audience at the right time. Relying solely on email for this purpose could be a mistake. The accurate collaboration will help keep the whole company on the same page which is important in an event of disruption. 

How can WorkMarshal assist 

WorkMarshal is a robust, feature-rich Project Management & Operational Excellence Software developed to provide businesses with tools and capabilities required to effectively manage internal workflows and processes from a single, unified platform. 

The centralized approach to manage processes in WorkMarshal can be an important aid in boosting the success possibility of a good business continuity plan. 

Try WorkMarshal for free and bring visibility to your processes and workflows and achieve higher levels of productivity, transparency and work efficiency for all your projects including business continuity. 

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